• The Studio of  ROBERT SAHAKYANTS ANIMATION STUDIO  was registered in 2010 by David, Nana and Hayk Sahakyants.
    As creative and productive base of the studio served the animation studio, which had been formed in 1968  with studio “ Armenfilm” by Valentin Georgievich Podpomogov.
    Since 1971, as a probationer animator 21-year-old Robert Sahakyants began working there who soon began making his own films as an artist, script-writer, animator , director, art- director.
    1972 can be considered the date of birth of the team of Robert Sahakyants.
  • Over 40 years of existence the group released more than 180 cartoon and puppet films. The undisputed leader of the group was Robert Sahakyants, his films have unique dynamics, sparkling humor, shining wit.
  • From the very first films, including cult film “FOX`S  BOOK” (1975), the studio under the supervision of Robert Sahakyants firmly established itself as a leading one  in the Armenian animation. As one of the best directors, animators of the Soviet Union, Sahakyants gathered  around him a lot of talented and experienced artists, who now continue his work.
    The production  of the team was rewarded with numerous prizes and awards both in the Soviet Union and abroad.
  • Between 1981 and 1984 by order of the USSR State Radio and Television (now ORT) five films were created based on the fairy tales of  H.Tumanyan: “THREE BLUE-BLUE LAKES OF CRIMSON-COLORED ", "WHO WILL TELL A FABLE", " WOW, A TALKING FISH", "IN THE BLUE SEA, WHITE FOAM " , "WOW, HOLIDAY”. Movies still have not disappeared from TV screens in Russia and Armenia.
    For all time of its existence the team has never interrupted the work: the team went on making  films, commercials and even at the most unfavorable for Armenia 90-ies.
  • In 1992 on the initiative and commissioned by the BBC  Armenian animators made a film based on Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream."
    In addition to the copyright films clips from songs of the leading singers of Russian and Armenian pop music, as well as educational cartoons designed to introduce children to basic math, chemistry, etc were made.. .. Also, by request of the Public Television of Armenia sketch  films which show public character are still produced by the team.


  • In 2009, the team of Robert began work on five projects, which have a completely different styles and formats, one of which is full-length animated film based on the fairy tale of Armenian  writer Gh. Aghayan “ Anahit”, it is in a stage production commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia.
  • In March 2010 Robert Sahakyants animation studio was officially registered under the name